Monday, August 29th

- Sproing! Missed it.

Tuesday, August 30th

- Draw hands spelling your name in American Sign Language.

Wednesday, August 31st

- Draw a string of beautiful pearls.

Thursday, September 1st

- Dog's-eye-view of your cubicle.

Friday, September 2nd

- Either an ice cream cone being eaten or melting in sequential views.


Monday, September 5th

- You aren't really doing Design Gym today? Alright, um. Hm. Draw a pitcher of lemonade to celebrate.

Tuesday, September 6th

- Human figures that are tired, surprised and hoola hooping.

Wednesday, September 7th

- 10 views of the same form. No orthographics.

Thursday, September 8th

- Draw 8 odd shapes overlapping. Go back and shade the resulting outlines into 3D forms.

Friday, September 9th

- A bottle, a can, a glass and a cup

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